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Soul Therapy

Combines various alternative healing modalities such as Intuitive Inquiry, Energy Medicine, Ancient Stone Healing and meditation tools. This individualized, targeted approach will guide you to a committed and depth-defining self-awareness journey. 


The process of Soul Therapy

  • Check in to address your reason for this session and the outcome you hope to achieve

  • Create a comfortable, safe space. See FAQs

  • Your energy will be read and treated remotely or in person, by calling it into our workspace 

  • Together we will listen to subtle clues of what your body is communicating

  • We will discuss what you are aware of and what you feel you don’t have access to

  • Scanning and investigating of energy fields, blockades or imbalances

  • As I share my findings, a variety of things may happen: See FAQs

  • Possible traumas and forgotten memories may become visible and help explain your conflicts; Imbalances start making sense

  • The bodies reaction, and a deep knowing from within will validate these memories

  • I will then open blockades or imbalances energetically by observing the constant interaction within the complex energy fields

  • My Intuitive Guidance System will alert me as to which tools will be utilized in your session See FAQs


After the session we will decide on a constructive plan to embark on this soul journey together.


  • Beginning to realize that you are the center of your experiences and the common denominator for your successes and your problems

  • Seeing connections between your past traumas, conditioning, the beliefs you hold, and the stories you’ve created to survive

  • Starting to establish different priorities and healthy boundaries for yourself

  • Feeling control of your life

  • Decisions will go hand in hand with letting go of expectations and judgment of self and others

  • Discernment, confidence, feeling safe and secure are merely side effects of this work

  • Fear and anxiety will recede as you access your inner storehouse of guidance and wisdom 

  • Gaining more and more access to the calm and quiet places within yourself

  • Starting to view life from a place of possibility and opportunity, rather than of responsibility

  • You will be able to measure your process by the amount of gratitude and joy you feel

  • A deepening in your intimate relationships

  • Concerns for yourself will dissipate

  • Becoming more receptive and inclusive to others in the world at large


A medicine women's prayer

'I will not rescue you for you are not powerless, I will not fix you for you are not broken, I will not heal you for I see you in your wholeness, I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light."

~Author unknown

What they're saying about Soul Therapy

I work with Angela on an individual level as well as a couple. The work we do as an individual has been ego shattering and profound. It seems sometimes that she is the voice of my soul speaking to my human experience. In my couples sessions with my husband we are always reminded how much we love each other even if we don’t start the session that way. Angela has a way of reminding you of your strength while also guiding you through some of your darkest corners. I am forever grateful for my time with Angela and look forward to seeing her face and feeling her presence every week.  – Stephanie G.

A friend referred me to Angela years ago and I honestly did know what to expect but I have been seeing her since. As a non-traditional therapist, she makes you reflect on your feelings or concerns and really guides you to overcome them. Every session we talk for a half hour and then she works on any issues I have emotionally or physically aligning my energy. During that time, I feel like I can breathe and reset myself. I really look forward to each session. – Marie M, Designer

What impresses me most about Angela is that, in addition to being well versed in many healing modalities, she possesses deep compassion, kindness, and generosity — bringing all of those to bear in her practice. She has been a real help and comfort to me during stressful times, providing a holistic approach that addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges of life. – Steven M.

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