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"There is nothing more exciting to me than to empower you

to finally access who you really are. "


Born and raised in Austria, Europe, I then moved to Long Island, NY in 1991; the loves of my life are my two adult children, my sweet dog Freya, spending time in nature, traveling and dancing.


I am the founder of Spiritual Truth Seekers and Cascading Joy Wellness. Leading weekly meditation groups and facilitating A Course In Miracle groups was my passion for seven years.  Being a teacher, mentor and guide to thousands of clients has filled me with joy and honor since 2005.  Facilitating numerous self-empowerment workshops and retreats, nationally and internationally, has not only allowed me to capture my spirit and fly but to bring forth a feeling of accomplishment and self-recognition to those who have crossed my path.

"Healers are not perfect. They are actually far from it. Healers are people who have stared into the face of pain and suffering, and found themselves through all of the adversity, and in that process, inspire others to do the same. Healers do not necessarily have to heal others. They heal themselves, and inspire others to do the exact same". 

Education and Professional Credentials:


  • Ancient Stone Medicine certification program at The Upper Clarity school of school of Stone Medicine, SC, US

  • ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner & Learn to Meditation facilitator at Institute of Applied Consciousness, Perth Australia

  • Medical Intuitive Certification program under Kim Seer, TX, US

  • Saytra Child Meditation certification, PA, US 

  • Certified Spiritual Counselor / International Hypnosis Federation, NM, US 

  • RN Nursing diploma / Elizabeth Hospital Vienna, Austria

  • LMT and Body work certification program Herricht, Vienna Austria

  • NLP Program, General Hospital, Vienna Austria

  • CARITAS Social work studies, Vienna Austria

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