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Energy Medicine

A path from dis-ease to wholeness. Constant feelings of shutting down or escaping into an unreal reality will be investigated. Energy Medicine uses effective tools to dig deep at the causes of root blockages; then allowing a sense of ease.


The process of Energy Medicine

  • Check in to address your reason for this session and the outcome you hope to achieve

  • Create a comfortable, safe space See FAQs

  • We open the session with your intention, honing in deeply to connect to the inner guidance system and to what your body is trying to tell me 

  • Your energy will be read and treated remotely or in person, by calling it into our workspace 

  • Together we will listen to subtle clues of what your body is communicating

  • We will discuss what you are aware of and what you feel you don’t have access to

  • Scanning and investigating of energy fields, blockades or imbalances

  • As I share my findings, a variety of things may happen: See FAQs

  • This will lead to various questions. Your answers will validate my findings or signal we need to dig deeper. Getting to the core of why you are experiencing yourself in the moment as you do is essential to your truth

  • Throughout the session I will periodically scan, clear, rebuild and align your energy fields, such as your chakras, meridians, aura, heart channels, grounding cords, etc.

  • Your body may experience tingling sensations, temperature changes, auditory or visual sensations, or a temporary dissociation. Lucid dreaming and deep restful relaxation are often shared during or after the alignment

  • After our session, we will discuss a constructive plan to implement options such as Affirmations and Pressure Points. These tools will affirm and strengthen the new alignments and assist your healing journey


Easily combined with Soul Therapy


  • Energy Medicine involves an overall assessment and balancing of energy centers as a whole

  • Energy medicine is a diagnostic tool as well as a form of therapy  

  • The DIAGNOSTIC portion of Energy Medicine is similar to most body-work such as massage and Reiki which find the sore spots and treat the symptom. As a result, you will feel the alignment of the various Energy centers, but symptoms may return quickly if deeper questioning and life changes aren’t made

  • The THERAPEUTIC portion of Energy Medicine will help you to understand the root causes and why emotions run your life; and why your centers are continuously shutting down. A personal process will be designed to help clear old programming and harmonize the Body/Mind/Spirit Complex which will enable you to experience well-being


"Like the Lotus flower that is born out of mud, we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves, and the most painful of our life's experiences, because they are what allow us to birth our most beautiful self." -Thich Nhat Hanh

What they're saying about Energy Medicine

I am a cancer patient that is a client of Angela for the last year and a half. I receive Energy Medicine Alignment, and Intuitive Counseling. I can absolutely say that my entire outlook, and daily living have been greatly enhanced by my sessions with her. I am as confident with Angela as I am with my Oncologist. Her knowledge of things that I have not known about, nor would I have believed in…are just amazing. I would not be where I am today without Angela! – Ken from upstate New York

Angela's work is truly transformational. Her intuitive ability to know exactly what is needed in each moment is an amazing gift. She has helped me to release the patterns I've carried from this and past lifetimes that prevented me from living as my true self. I am finally free to be me!  I am deeply grateful for Angela for the work we continue to do together that enables me to enjoy the amazing life that I now experience.  – Jackie M. Psychotherapist

I have been seeing Angela for many years now. The first time was shortly after my Mother passed away. I was searching for peace and acceptance of the situation. Angela did energy medicine and intuitive counseling with me. What I gained was so much more than I expected. I discovered my power and my life’s purpose in her sessions. I was able to work through many challenges and blockages that I have had throughout my life. – Alaine

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