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Intuitive Counseling

Challenge and transcend your limiting beliefs, conditioning, and perceptions through Intuitive Exploration. This transformative process leads to embodying your deepest truth.


- Energy Medicine - Intuitive Counseling - Meditation

The Process of Intuitive Counseling

1. Check-in to clarify session goals and outcomes
2. Create a comfortable and safe space
3. Set intentions to connect with inner guidance
4. Conduct remote or in-person energy reading and treatment
5. Listen to subtle cues from the body
6. Discuss awareness and areas needing exploration
7. Identify limiting beliefs and patterns
8. Assign homework, tools, and exercises
9. Encourage journaling and dream-work
10. Emphasize commitment to self-care


  • Gain insight into root issues and develop self-awareness

  • Empowerment to make aligned choices with personal truth

  • Personal growth and increased resilience

  • Enhanced emotional well-being and support network

  • Heightened sense of fulfillment and joy


Long-term Benefits of Multiple Sessions:

  • Deepen understanding of patterns and beliefs

  • Refine intuitive skills for clarity

  • Continuously uncover deeper layers of self-awareness


Overall, multiple sessions lead to transformative changes in mindset, behavior, and quality of life

"Intuition is whispering the truth to your heart and hoping that you hear it."

– Kate Spencer

What they're saying about Intuitive Counseling

Angela is a deeply caring, compassionate professional who gets to the heart of the matter efficiently and brings clarity and a plan to resolve the things I was struggling with. I have more peace in my life thanks to my work with her. – Jean B.

I highly recommend working with Angela. She has a way of deep listening, by doing this she gets to the core of issues which allows you to process your work more quickly and efficiently. – Sharon S. 

I've been working with energy healers for about 4 years, and Angela is the best I have encountered. I spoke to her during a pivotal time in my life. She was also very helpful. I look forward to continuing working with Angela! – Helen T.S.

Angela  was referred to me during a very difficult time in my life. After traditional talk therapy, Angela’s holistic approach helped me heal and cope with all the loss I was experiencing at the time. She is truly a gifted healer. – Claire O.

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