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Intuitive Counseling

Explore and challenge your limiting beliefs, conditionings and perceptions. Through Intuitive Exploration a transformational process will take place. The Intuitive Inquiry will result in the embodiment of your innermost internal truth.


- Energy Medicine - Intuitive Counseling - Meditation

The Process

  • Check in to address your reason for this session and the outcome you hope to achieve

  • Create a comfortable, safe space. See FAQ

  • We open the session with your intention, honing in deeply to connect to the inner guidance system and to what your body is trying to tell me. 

  • Your energy will be read and treated remotely or in person, by calling it into our workspace 

  • Together we will listen to subtle clues of what your body is communicating

  • We will discuss what you are aware of and what you feel you don’t have access to

  • The words you choose hold significant weight. As we converse, I am receiving additional signals through your words

  • We will explore and discover the limiting beliefs and patterns which restrain you

  • Home-work, tools and exercises will be assigned. This will allow you to stay present and engaged in self-discovery, awareness, healing and self-empowerment

  • Journaling is required in our work together. This includes dream-work.

  • Being committed is an essential part of Self-care 

Easily combined with Soul Therapy


  • Staying in the state of curiosity, rather than dipping into old beliefs/conditionings of perception

  • Bringing presence and compassion to uncomfortable places within yourself

  • Understanding that life is not a destination but a journey in which learning, experiencing, experimenting, creating, enjoying and living is its soul (sole) purpose

  • Being in a loving, safe space that encourages self-exploration.

  • Investigation and transformation of beliefs or conditioning which you may hold

  • Disappearance of old limiting patterns 

  • Experiencing greater joy and gratitude for life

"Intuition is whispering the truth to your heart and hoping that you hear it."

– Kate Spencer

What they're saying about Intuitive Inquiry

Angela is a deeply caring, compassionate professional who gets to the heart of the matter efficiently and brings clarity and a plan to resolve the things I was struggling with. I have more peace in my life thanks to my work with her. – Jean, Art Advisor 

I highly recommend working with Angela. She has a way of deep listening, by doing this she gets to the core of issues which allows you to process your work more quickly and efficiently. – Sharon S. Hair Care practitioner.

I've been working with energy healers for about 4 years, and Angela is the best I have encountered. I spoke to her during a pivotal time in my life. She was also very helpful. I look forward to continuing working with Angela! – Helen, CEO

Angela  was referred to me during a very difficult time in my life. After traditional talk therapy, Angela’s holistic approach helped me heal and cope with all the loss I was experiencing at the time. She is truly a gifted healer. – Claire, Nutritionist

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