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Ancient Stone Alignment

Awaken your Soul-truth by integrating fragmented soul pieces, buried or hidden due to trauma. Ancient Stone Alignment facilitates a profound settling process, enabling recall and healing."


Alignment Process

1. Check-in: Address the reason for the session and desired outcomes.
2. Create a Comfortable Space: Establish a safe and conducive environment.
3. Intention Setting: Connect deeply to inner guidance and body's messages.
4. Energy Reading: Remote or in-person reading to assess your energy.
5. Listening and Discussion: Explore your awareness and areas of limited access.
6. Scanning and Investigation: Identify energy blockages or imbalances.
7. Soul Connection: Open to connect with your soul's guiding systems.
8. Invocation and Clearing: Create sacred space using sound, imagery, and sage.
9. Stone Placement: Deliberate placement of stones to activate energy fields.
10. Inner Experience: Expect outer-body experiences and deep relaxation.
11. Post-Alignment: Discuss options for further stone alignments.
12. Integration: Experience acceptance and peace on your soul journey.

  • This process seamlessly integrates with Soul Therapy for comprehensive healing and growth.

Benefits of Ancient Stone Alignment

  • Tap into ancient healing wisdom for relaxation and stress reduction.

  • Promote emotional healing and spiritual growth.

  • Reconnect with inner truths and purpose.

  • Trigger deeper personal insights for growth.

  • Foster inner peace, acceptance, and universal connection.


   Long-term Benefits of Multiple Sessions:

  • Strengthen connection to specific stone energies.

  • Explore diverse techniques for varied needs.

  • Cultivate deeper resonance with stone healing.

  • Deepened spiritual connection and self-awareness.

  • Holistic healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

  • Integration and transformation of perspective and behavior.

  • Sustained inner peace and support for life's journey.


Overall, multiple sessions of ancient stone alignments provide a transformative and empowering journey toward self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth

"Don't fear the light within.

May it ignite the Sacred Flame of your soul."

– Paolo Coelho

- Energy Medicine - Intuitive Counseling - Meditation

What they're saying about Ancient Stone Alignment

I have received Ancient Stone Alignment with Angela. This treatment has helped me dissolve old thought patterns and has enabled me to bring focus and a renewed purpose to my life. – Sharon S.

My experience with Angela during the ancient stone alignment was so profound!. I received so much insight and understanding of my truest and highest self. I am looking forward to our next session. – Alaine S.

I am by nature not a very open person. Angela’s has a way of making you feel welcomed and comforted. You can open up to her freely and never feel judged. Since working with Angela my self-awareness has improved tremendously. Actually, I don’t think before meeting Angela I had much at all. I am grateful for being able to recognize and appreciate the blessings in my life. I now feel optimistic in situations that in years past would have kept me depressed. It’s freeing to be able to move past negativity and enjoy life again. – Michelle U.

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