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Ancient Stone Alignment

Awaken your Soul-truth by uniting fragmented soul pieces; those which are buried, hidden or have “split off” through traumatic events or experiences.  Ancient Stone Alignment offers a deep settling process, which will allow for recalling and then healing.


Alignment Process

  • Check in to address your reason for this session and the outcome you hope to achieve

  • Create a comfortable, safe space. See FAQs

  • We open the session with your intention, honing in deeply to connect to the inner guidance system and to what your body is trying to tell me. 

  • Your energy will be read and treated remotely or in person, by calling it into our workspace 

  • Together we will listen to subtle clues of what your body is communicating

  • We will discuss what you are aware of and what you feel you don’t have access to

  • Scanning and investigating of energy fields, blockades or imbalances

  • My guiding systems will open to connect with your soul’s guiding systems

  • Invocation, clearing and creating sacred space are the next steps. The use of sound, imagery, essential oils and sage are welcoming tools for these ancient stone beings to do their magic (Accommodations will be made for remote sessions)

  • The placement of stones is specific and deliberate

  • The stones activate energy fields, trigger points and sacred pathways and will be periodically moved or removed 

  • Outer-body experiences are normal in this alignment

  • Falling asleep, and waking up deeply refreshed, with a much clearer vision of your life, is a common reaction

  • After this session, we will discuss specific options to various stone alignments which decode internal blockages within

  • Feelings of acceptance of your soul journey and peace is often experienced after this alignment

Easily combined with Soul Therapy


  • Your soul has lessons to learn, a mission, a purpose and a goal

  • The use of stones have a mysterious way of helping us remember the truths within us

  • Ancient stone alignment offers a deep settling into the process of searching and discovering answers. This will lead to peace, acceptance, surrendering and love for yourself and others

  • In this deeply moving alignment, you will experience your place as a human-being in this universal field

"Don't fear the light within.

May it ignite the Sacred Flame of your soul."

– Paolo Coelho

- Energy Medicine - Intuitive Counseling - Meditation

What they're saying about Ancient Stone Alignment

I have received Ancient Stone Alignment with Angela. This treatment has helped me dissolve old thought patterns and has enabled me to bring focus and a renewed purpose to my life. – Sharon S., Esthetician

My experience with Angela during the ancient stone alignment was so profound!. I received so much insight and understanding of my truest and highest self. I am looking forward to our next session. – Alaine, LMT

I am by nature not a very open person. Angela’s has a way of making you feel welcomed and comforted. You can open up to her freely and never feel judged. Since working with Angela my self-awareness has improved tremendously. Actually, I don’t think before meeting Angela I had much at all. I am grateful for being able to recognize and appreciate the blessings in my life. I now feel optimistic in situations that in years past would have kept me depressed. It’s freeing to be able to move past negativity and enjoy life again. – Michelle 

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