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Explore and overcome the obstacles of incessant mind chatter

Discover different meditation styles to access inner stillness

Experience the transformative journey of surrender and acceptance through meditation


The Process of Meditation Guidiance

  • 1. Check in to discuss session goals and desired outcomes
    2. Create a comfortable, safe space for exploration
    3. Introduce various meditation tools and practice styles
    4. Explore mindfulness, movement, mantra, yantra, and loving-kindness techniques
    5. Practice different breathing techniques for relaxation and focus
    6. Document experiences and preferences in a journal
    7. Implement chosen meditation style into regular practice
    8. Log progress and reflections in the journal for continued growth and exploration


  • Cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance clarity, focus, and inner peace

  • Improve focus, emotional regulation, self-awareness, sleep quality, pain management, resilience, relationships, and spiritual growth


Long-term Benefits of Multiple Sessions:

  • Develop a consistent meditation practice

  • Explore diverse techniques for various needs

  • Deepen understanding of the mind-body connection

"Determined to find the ideal meditation practice, style, time, space, and guru, I came to realize that my inner Seeker needed to yield to my inner Lover. This shift in perspective transformed my priorities, making meditation a practice of love".
-Angela Waterlight

What they're saying about Meditation

Angela's soothing voice helps me to let go of the day and allows me to fall into a peaceful meditation. I always feel clear and restored after spending time with her.  – Marie M.

Angela always conducts our meditation group with a professional soothing quality that allows me to reach my personal space with trust. I never fail to feel so grateful, clear and restored after her sessions". – Caryn H.

I have been seeing Angela for many years now. The first time was shortly after my Mother passed away. I was searching for peace and acceptance of the situation. Angela did energy medicine and intuitive counseling with me. What I gained was so much more than I expected. I discovered my power and my life’s purpose in her sessions. I was able to work through many challenges and blockages that I have had throughout my life. – Alaine S.

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