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Invites beginner and advanced meditators to discover the roadblocks of unrelenting mind chatter. Various meditation styles and breathing techniques offer ways to dive into the still and quiet heart. The results of Meditation will be your “love story” of surrendering and allowing.


The Process

  • Check in to address your reason for this session and the outcome you hope to achieve

  • Create a comfortable, safe space. See FAQs

  • In our time together various meditation tools and practice styles will be introduced such as mindfulness-, movement-, mantra-, yantra- and loving kindness

  • A variety of breathing techniques will be introduced

  • A journal will be used to document which style works best for you

  • The chosen style will be implemented in your practice

  • You will log your process in your journal. This will allow you to experience the different style of meditation

Easily combined with Soul Therapy


  • Waking up and creating the life of your dreams consciously, rather than by default

  • Learning consistency and commitment to self-growth

  • Accepting things as they are rather than staying in fight or flight mode

  • Bringing presence to your breath and the world around you

  • Your meditation practice will allow you to delve deeper, expand fully and detach from the grip of unrelenting mind chatter

  • Learning to surrender and experience the freedom to be Light-minded and Light-hearted

"I have devoted myself to finding the right meditation practice, or the right style, the right time, the right space, the right guru, until I discovered that the Seeker in me must surrender to the Lover in me. That is when all my priorities changed and my meditation became a practice of LOVE."
-Angela Waterlight

What they're saying about Meditation

Angela's soothing voice helps me to let go of the day and allows me to fall into a peaceful meditation. I always feel clear and restored after spending time with her.  – Marie

Angela always conducts our meditation group with a professional soothing quality that allows me to reach my personal space with trust. I never fail to feel so grateful, clear and restored after her sessions". – Caryn H., Personal Trainer

I have been seeing Angela for many years now. The first time was shortly after my Mother passed away. I was searching for peace and acceptance of the situation. Angela did energy medicine and intuitive counseling with me. What I gained was so much more than I expected. I discovered my power and my life’s purpose in her sessions. I was able to work through many challenges and blockages that I have had throughout my life. – Alaine

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